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Aug 21st: Enter to win some pretty cool stuff here!!!

Megadeth Hartke American Musical Supply
Aug 17th: Thank you for another amazing trip around the planet. 16 cities in 12 countries across 3 continents in one month....literally an around the world ticket! Look forward to seeing you all on the next tour....
Aug 17th: Land of the rising sun.... Osaka Japan today at 5:30am following Summer Sonic 2014.
Aug 17th: Summer Sonic official Megadeth photo gallery:

(click here)

Megadeth Summer Sonic
Aug 17th: Domo Arigato Tokyo!! So great to be back in Japan for Summer Sonic Festival 2014!!

Megadeth Summersonic
Aug 17th: Megadeth joined by Loudness guitarist Akira Takasaki at Summer Sonic Osaka 2014!
Aug 17th: Rockin Summer Sonic 2014!
Megadeth Summersonic
Aug 17th: Japan Tweet Secret Video posted....
Aug 17th: Megadeth friends & fans across Japan today...


Sep 22, 2014:
Megadeth @ Motörhead’s Motörboat in Miami, FL


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